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Sound art collaboration with Performance artist Marcela Torres

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Colectivo Multipolar and TRQPiTECA proudly present:

#Documenting Our Story Vol. 2: TRQPiTECA Queer Pride Festival 2019 at Ping Tom Memorial Park!!!

Now available to watch

Exclusively through the Chicago Park District’s “Your Night Out At Home” virtual program

“In June of 2019, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, artist duo and production company TRQPITECA presented our first public outdoor music festival, and the first Queer Pride festival sponsored by the Chicago Park District’s Night Out in the Parks program. Meet the artists and community behind this herstoric event through interviews and documentary footage captured on the ground.”


COLECTIVO MULTIPOLAR a.k.a. Sandra Oviedo presents:
Documenting Our Story Vol. 1 “TRQPiTECA”Virtual Screening: September 30, 2020 at 7pm Chicago, CST  (More info in the link)

5-minute documentary featuring interviews with Natalie Murillo (La Spacer), Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero (CQQCHIFRUIT), Rose Hernandez, Liz Mputu, Sofia Moreno, Darling Shear, Sky Cubacub, Lee Andel Dewey and Kiam Marcelo Junio.

Documenting Our Story Vol. 1 is a brief visual and audio journey full of colorful and meaningful statements about the TRQPiTECA universe.

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Due to Covid-19 all upcoming live events have been Cancelled or postponed until further notice

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Latest video performing live


Listen to La Spacer’s My House Music festival set

On Mixcloud 


Get into La Spacer’s DJ set from the Rejuvinate iii event in Detroit, during Movement weekend

La Spacer plays a B2B set as TRQPITECA at the first WYNWOOD PRIDE EVENT in MIAMI,FL. 06.22.19




03.02.2019 is available on MIXCLOUD

Hear a preview of La Spacer’s

“ICUQT” track on this recap video!





 Raised in Chicago by a single immigrant mother who left their home country for a chance to give their child more opportunities. Natalie Murillo fell in love with music at the age of 3. Grew up involved in their school orchestra and marching band as an adolescent. Went on to study music production and engineering at Columbia College, but that was short lived due to the 2008 recession and their mother’s immigration status did not allow her to take out a student loan. She decided to continue their artistic practice independently as “La Spacer,” and started collaborating with performance artists, visual artists, and multi-disciplinary graduates mainly from SAIC. La Spacer was determined to build her own dream production studio. Determined, bit by bit she built her studio using drum machines, synthesizers, and a vocal booth, and began composing, producing, and performing their work. In 2015, she co-founded “TRQPITECA,” a Chicago-based artist duo and production company creating spaces and opportunities for local and international artists who identify as queer (LGBTQIA+), ALAANA, and/or allies to experiment and thrive. In 2017, “TRQPITECA” received a grant from the Propeller Fund to create the International Chicago Underground Queer Transcendence Symposium, also known as “ICUQTS.” ICUQTS was a two day art and music festival created with no corporate sponsors. In 2019 “TRQPITECA” received funding from the Chicago Park District’s Night Out In the Parks program to create a Queer pride festival during Chicago’s pride weekend that was free and all ages. As La Spacer has achieved her goals, their artistry has also evolved and expanded to creating space for other marginalized artist. Her next challenge is to create a record label as another format to create, release, and share her art to the world and allow other queer (LGBTQIA+) artist to have increased visibility.

Pronouns: She,They, Spacer

Artist Statement

Natalie Murillo (aka La Spacer) has focused on experiencing the evolution of Chicago’s house music and Detroit’s techno, and the underground global dance craze phenomenon influenced by these two sister cities in different parts of the world since the late 80s. Based on La Spacers’ posteriori knowledge she produces other-worldly hypnotic rhythms with house & techno music as their foundation. Natalie is a part of a generation of artists that will continue to push barriers and create space for artists that support and influence the global underground dance movement.

La Spacer @23 hr party 11.02.19
La Spacer at BANG, a queer rave in Chicago, September 2017.
La Spacer @Smartbar Chicago March, 2017
La Spacer performing live

La Spacer @23 hr party 11.02.19

La Spacer at BANG, a queer rave in Chicago, September 2017.

La Spacer @Smartbar Chicago March, 2017

La Spacer performing live



no event



Due to covid-19 Collab has been postponed info coming soon…


Commissioned to compose and produce music for Season 1 of podcast series ARCHIVES + FUTURES

Composed and produced music for TRQPITECA X Smartbar Daphne 2019 recap video


Composed and produced music for ICUQTS 2018 recap video


In-Session: Jacquelyn Guerrero, Natalie Murillo, Holly Chernobyl

THAWALLS In-Session installments at Navy Pier, Chicago 04.26.2017

Composed music and performed in this collaboration 

A remix of the traditional lecture or panel, In–Session is a critical interdisciplinary salon that incorporates reading, conversation, and performance.

Photography by: Colectivo Multipolar

From left:  Natalie Murillo, Holly Chernobyl, Jacquelyn Guerrero



Collaborated composing the music and performed

March 27, 2016 at High Concept Laboratories, Chicago


Composed and produced music featured in the Myth of CQQCHIFRUIT 


Commissioned to compose audio for a Contemporary dance Competition in Korea

By Claudia Nayeli Olvera 


Composed music & performed in Planet X: The new fantastik taken place in Chicago @ Links Hall 9.28.13
Day 2: Saturday : This is Aciid

Along with performers: Rose Hernandez, Jacquelyn Guerrero, Mallorica Clothehilde Double, Eli Until Halpern, Sara Zalek, Natalie Murillo, Sofia Moreno, Efrén Arcoiris, Adam Rose, Elana Riback


 Created sound art for video art project by Sofia Moreno 

P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 CyberNymph

P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 2 CyberNymph

P o r n A g a i n – Vol. 1 


Composed and produced music for Rose Hernandez as Ishtar Bukkake

 Performance at Garbage World festival at Mortville, Chicago 11.19.2010